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  • AOM 2016 Theme: Making Organizations Meaningful

    76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

    THEME: Making Organizations Meaningful

    2016 Annual Meeting Theme Image

    Academy of Management Vice President and Program Chair

    Mary Ann Glynn, Boston College

    Anaheim, California, United States

    August 5 - 9, 2016

    Organizations occupy a central role in the ways we live our lives, for better and for worse.  They enable   us to be more efficient, to access goods and services faster than ever before, and to share information and experiences across the globe. And yet, they are not unproblematic.  Recently, there have been highly publicized corporate scandals, Wall Street corruption, and failures of government to meet the needs of its citizens, with a resulting rise in public distrust and questioning of organizations’ reasons for being.  We often take as given that an organization’s purpose to produce economic value; and, although economic value can often add to social value, sometimes it does not.  This disjuncture raises the question of meaningfulness.

    The meaningfulness of an organization is its expression of purpose, values or worth. [more...]

  • 4th Annual TLC Conference
  • Even tiny rewards make us work harderJune 16, 2016 - World Economic Forum

     Giving people tiny rewards can motivate them to put more effort into their work, a new study has found.Research published in the Academy of Management Learning and Education looks at how rewarding students with a small amount of credit for extra work [more...]

  • Even Tiny Rewards Can Motivate People to Go the Extra MileJune 7, 2016 - Harvard Business Review

     Business school faculty often bemoan how their students place too much importance on economics and finance courses and not enough on more humanistic ones, such as human-resource management. Condescension toward such courses is as misguided as it is [more...]

  • Why Your Competition's Staff Will Be Your Best EmployeesMay 6, 2016 - Fast Company

    If you’re in an industry where competition for customers is fierce or it’s hard to find the best talent, you might want to pay attention to the Stanley Cup playoffs. Scouting your competition for new "players" can help you gain an edge, according to the [more...]

  • How companies score when they draft employees from adversariesApril 13, 2016 - Financial Post

    Jason Strudwick’s first game for the Chicago Blackhawks against the Vancouver Canucks – his employer for four National Hockey League seasons – created massive inner angst for the 6-foot-3, 230-pound defenceman.On one of his first shifts, Strudwick [more...]

  • Small Rewards Might Be the Key to ProductivityJune 16, 2016 - Tech.Co

    Finding the key to productivity is a lifelong goal for everyone. Unfortunately, much like losing weight, the methods are copious and the results are questionable. No one has found the end-all-by-all of keeping employees and students motivated throughout [more...]

  • Invitation for Nominations - Keith Provan Award

    Keith G. Provan Award for Outstanding Contribution to Empirical Theory


    The Keith G. Provan Award was established in 2015 by the members of the Public and Nonprofit Division of the Academy of Management to posthumously honor the legacy of excellence that Keith brought to the field.

    Throughout his career, Keith contributed high level theory that transformed existing fields and broke open emergent disciplines in management and public administration. The hallmark of Keith's work was undoubtedly his contribution to theory building through empirical investigation. His methods were varied and suited the question at hand, but his work always addressed theory. Additionally, Keith reached into the best available literature to inform his work, not limiting himself to his trained discipline (management) or his adopted one (public administration)—but rather finding insight from an eclectic set of literature and bringing the best knowledge to bear for the problem at hand. Future recipients’  work should embody these same ideals.

    Selection Criteria

    Recipients should be a distinguished contributor to the field of Public Administration. Her/his contribution should:

    - Be interdisciplinary in integrating literature from across perspectives

    - Contribute substantially to both theory and empirical approaches

    - Make a unique and identifiable contribution to knowledge in public administration research

    Nomination and Selection Process

    All nominations should be emailed directly to this year’s chair of the committee, Kim Isett, at: by Friday February 12, 2016.

    Nominations should include a copy of the nominated individuals’ vita and a statement from the nominator. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

    All nominations will be reviewed by the [more...]

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