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The Academy of Management Review (AMR) is a theory development journal for management and organization scholars around the world. AMR publishes novel, insightful and carefully crafted conceptual articles that challenge conventional wisdom concerning all aspects of organizations and their role in society.

Each manuscript published in AMR must advance theory or the theory development process in the area of management and organizations. Authors can achieve this objective by developing new theory, significantly challenging current theory, synthesizing recent advances and ideas into fresh theory, initiating a search for new theory by pointing out and carefully delineating a novel type of problem, or crafting ways to improve the process of theory development. AMR is particularly interested in interesting and important theoretical advances that incorporate thought from multiple disciplines and/or areas within management.

Contributors will find AMR open to many different formats and styles of presentation. Formal research propositions are not required. For all articles, a contribution-to-length ratio will be assessed, so contributors should carefully consider the length of their submission in such light. Authors should also explicitly and persuasively present the research implications of their work.

AMR does not publish reports of empirical investigations, including empirical tests of theory, case analyses, or articles primarily about data. These are published in the Academy of Management Journal or Academy of Management Discoveries. Manuscripts that are evidence based rather than theory driven and papers with a primary focus of bringing new perspectives to an academic debate should be submitted to the Academy of Management Perspectives. AMR does not publish research or literature reviews, so these types of manuscripts are best sent to the Academy of Management Annals. Finally, AMR does not publish articles about the scholarship of teaching. These are published in the Academy of Management Learning and Education.


Dialogue is a forum for readers who wish to briefly comment on material recently published in AMR. Readers who wish to submit material for publication in the Dialogue section should address only AMR articles or dialogues. Dialogue comments must be timely, typically submitted within three months of the publication date of the material on which the dialogue author is commenting. When the dialogue comments pertain to an article, or book review, the author(s) will be asked to comment as well. Dialogue submissions should not exceed five double-spaced manuscript pages, including references. Please refer to the AMR Style Guide for Authors for margins, font sizes, references and formatting. However an abstract should not be included in the submission. The editor will make publishing decisions regarding all dialogue submissions, typically without outside review.

Submission Requirements

When authors submit their manuscript to AMR for publication consideration, they agree to abide by AMR's publication requirements. Specifically, an author must:

  • agree that the manuscript is not under review for publication elsewhere and will not be submitted to another publication entity during the review period at AMR;
  • confirm that the manuscript has not previously been submitted to AMR for review (submission of a manuscript previously published in the Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings is acceptable; similarly, prior presentation at a conference or concurrent consideration for presentation at a conference does not disqualify a manuscript from submission to AMR); and
  • agree that working papers, prior drafts, and/or final versions of submitted manuscripts that are posted on a website (e.g., personal, departmental, university, or working series site) will be taken down during the review process.

Submission of a manuscript to the Academy of Management Review also carries an implicit quid pro quo: willingness to review for AMR. The cornerstone of the editorial process at AMR is the willingness of colleagues to provide each other feedback through peer review. Authors who submit manuscripts to AMR for review are expected to reciprocate by reviewing for AMR if called upon to do so.

Any article or dialogue submission to AMR should be prepared according to the AMR Style Guide for Authors, but authors should omit the title page for the purpose of uploading onto the web-based submission system. This file must contain a detailed 200-word abstract and must start on page 1 (except for dialogue submissions, as they do not include abstracts) and all end materials such as appendixes, references, tables, and figures. The submission must be typed using a twelve-point Times New Roman font, with margins of at least one-inch.

To submit a manuscript, first make sure you have a Word file from which the title page and all author-identifying references have been removed. Then go to the web-site at and follow the directions. Acknowledgments of others' help in preparing the paper for submission should be included in the letter to the editor that is featured as part of the web-based submission process.

Tables and Figures

Tables and figures can enhance both the reader's understanding of information and the efficiency of its presentation. But just as too many overhead slides can ruin an oral presentation, too many figures and tables can detract from the overall narrative. Thus, we encourage the judicious use of tables and figures and discourage their overuse. The proper construction of tables and figures is a detailed craft, so in preparing them for your manuscript, please follow the detailed instructions presented in the AMR Style Guide for Authors.

Guidelines for Submitting Figures/Images:

Please follow these guidelines when submitting figures:

  • Make sure you use uniform letting and sizing in your original artwork. 
  • Number the illustrations according to their sequence in the text. 
  • Submit each figure as a separate file. Do NOT embed figure files into a Word or PDF document.
  • Submit line illustrations should be submitted at 900 dpi. 
  • Submit halftones and color artwork at a minimum of 300 dpi.
  • Save figures as either TIF or EPS files. Color art must be saved as CMYK, not RGB. Black and white art must be submitted as grayscale, not RGB.
  • Do not submit PowerPoint or Excel files.

Color Reproduction

The Academy of Management encourages the use of color in the online version of the article. Color may be used to enhance any art (tables, figures, photos, etc.) featured within your manuscript. Authors have the option to produce the artwork in color in the online version and in black and white in the print version. Color reproductions can appear in the online version at no additional charge. However, authors or their institutions must bear the cost for any color reproduction in the print version. Authors may contact Susan Zaid ( to determine the additional fees for color in the print version. 


Publication Decisions

Publication decisions by the editor or an associate editor are facilitated by reviews from members of the editorial board and other qualified reviewers using a double "blind" review process. Reviewers' comments are made available to authors. Manuscripts that are inappropriate or insufficiently developed will be returned to the authors without formal review for submission to a more suitable journal. Authors are strongly encouraged to seek peer review prior to submission since all decisions are final and rejected manuscripts cannot be resubmitted.

Manuscripts submitted will be judged primarily on their substantive content, but writing style, structure, and length are also considered. Poor presentation is sufficient reason for the rejection of a manuscript. Manuscripts should be written as simply and concisely as possible without sacrificing meaningfulness or clarity of exposition. As discussed above, manuscripts will be evaluated in terms of their contribution-to-length ratiothat is, manuscripts that make strong contributions will be permitted more pages than those making narrower contributions. As a rough guideline, AMR papers should range between twenty-five and thirty double-spaced pages (using one-inch margins and Times New Roman font), excluding appendixes, references, tables, and figures. However, papers intended to make very extensive contributions will, at the discretion of the editor, be allotted additional space.

Submission Process  

Please address all new AMR submissions to the editor, Belle Rose Ragins at  Follow the instructions for the web-based submission system, making sure you have a manuscript Word file that has no title page or other identifying information on it.

If you need assistance uploading your paper, please contact the ScholarOne helpline on weekdays (Monday–Friday) between 12:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. EST at 1-434-964-4100 or  1-888-503-1050 (US). You may also email them at: or visit their “get help now” website at:

Language Editing - Author Services

For researchers who are nonnative English speakers writing in English as a second language, AOM has partnered with the Charlesworth Group to offer language editing, or “polishing,” of academic papers, including manuscripts, journal articles, abstracts and dissertations. Your paper will be checked for correct grammar, spelling, style, and readability. By improving the language of your manuscript, you can increase your chances of being accepted for publication in your chosen journal. AOM members receive a 10% discount on all language editing services.
For more information on these services, click here. The Charlesworth Group's UK office may be reached at: +44 (0)1484 506250.



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