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The Academy of Management and its members hold Ethics in high regard. There are many resources available to provide a foundation of guidance through our code, education, and reference materials on topics within Ethics. Please use these resources and check back for updates.

The Academy of Management Code of Ethics contains broad societal aspirations and guidelines for professional activities but also contains ethical standards. The ethical standards of the Code of Ethics are enforceable within the context of Academy of Management activities, such as publishing in Academy journals, participating in placement, or submitting a paper to the annual meeting. The Code applies to Academy officers and members and nonmembers participating in Academy activities.

The Ethics of Research and Publishing Video Series now on YouTube!

The Ethics Education Committee of the Academy of Management presents The Ethics of Research and Publishing Video Series. This eight part series explores questions in academic research and publishing including:

    Ethics Video Series

View all eight videos on the Academy of Management YouTube site.

The Ethicist Blog

“Ethics is not the domain of easy questions, where a clear right and clear wrong can be straightforwardly determined.”  - Thomas Basbøll, Copenhagen Business School

THE ETHICIST is a blog where AOM members can discuss ethical issues that affect their research, teaching and professional lives. THE ETHICIST communicates the Academy’s commitment to ethical conduct as a priority of the organization. The purpose of the blog is to raise awareness about everyday ethical issues and ethics in the context of the Academy and the profession. The blog also provides a location for experts to respond to members’ questions and concerns about ethics. The blog is sponsored by the AOM Ethics Education Committee. 

THE ETHICIST, has two regular columnists: Benson Honig (McMaster University) and Thomas Basbøll (Copenhagen Business School).  Subscribe to the Ethicist to receive an email when new posts occur.  Read past blog posts:

Read the recent posts now!

Procedure and Inquiries While we hope each of our members hold themselves to a high level of ethical conduct, sometimes instances arise which need further conversation. If you encounter a need to have a matter reviewed, please refer to our Policies and Procedures for Handling Ethical Complaints. Your first point of contact will most likely be the Ombuds Committee (  For more information about Omduds and ethics inquiries, you can contact either Nancy Day, Chair (U. of Missouri, Kansas City), Greg Stephens (Texas Christian U.) or Mary Sue Love (Southern Illinois University).

Ethics Education The Ethics Education Committee (EEC) is charged with engaging members on the topic of ethics and sharing positive professional practice. For more information about Ethics Education, contact the Chair of the Ethics Education Committee, Janet Salmons.

Questions? Please contact the Ethics Ombuds Committee at  For the full roster of all Ethics volunteers, please visit the Leadership Directory

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